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Clips are professionally color graded and ready for on-set playback or screen replacement use in post production.

  • HDnet Economic Growth
    HDnet Economic Growth
  • George Recovery
    George Recovery
  • Grace White House
    Grace White House
  • Senator Dara
    Senator Dara
  • Senator Ralph
    Senator Ralph
  • Senator Odell
    Senator Odell
  • KJ South Lawn 01
    KJ South Lawn 01
  • Nightly News 01
    Nightly News 01
  • Nightly News 02
    Nightly News 02
  • Victoria National News
    Victoria National News
  • World News
    World News
  • National News
    National News
  • Tracy Labor March
    Tracy Labor March
  • Shinobu South Lawn 01
    Shinobu South Lawn 01
  • James Naval Academy
    James Naval Academy
  • Sky News 01
    Sky News 01
  • Tracy Dock Workers
    Tracy Dock Workers
  • Kamara Border Security
    Kamara Border Security
  • Grace Night Reporter
    Grace Night Reporter