Set Dressing

  • LCD Televisions
    LCD Televisions
    Our contemporary inventory includes the latest high definition LCD and LED televisions up to 80". Multiples available of most models.
  • Early LCD TVs (2005-2010)
    Early LCD TVs (2005-2010)
    Wider bezels were the name of the game.
  • CRT Televisions
    CRT Televisions
    Consumer, broadcast, security and surveillance monitors from the last two decades.
  • LCD Computer Monitors
    LCD Computer Monitors
    Our entire stock of monitors are "on-set ready for playback" and able to be photographed by film and HD cameras. Many styles available in multiples of over 50 for dressing the largest sets
  • New and Unique Inventory
    New and Unique Inventory
    From hackers, gamers and villains to classic vintage components. We are constantly adding to our unique inventory.
  • Field Deployable Electronics
    Field Deployable Electronics
    Mobile electronics perfect for law enforcement, surveillance, computer hackers, intelligence gathering, military communications and Jason Bourne!
  • Broadcast & Security
    Broadcast & Security
    Wide selection of monitors specifically for mobile monitoring, CCTV surveillance, and security rooms.
  • Surveillance Vans
    Surveillance Vans
    Complete set dressing and prop packages including tactical radios, monitors, mobile cases, servers, audio systems and vertical racks. You provide the van and furniture layout – we handle the rest.
  • CRT Computer Monitors
    CRT Computer Monitors
    Hollywood's top decorators have relied on our inventory to provide them the perfect look for any set.
  • Made Before 1990
    Made Before 1990
    All CRT televisions made before 1980. Models available starting from cabinets made from 1940s and on.
  • Vintage Consoles
    Vintage Consoles
    A collection of vintage consoles ranging from 1940-1980. All in good presentable condition.
  • Consumer Electronics
    Consumer Electronics
    VHS, Betamax, Desktop PC, cameras, police scanners and more!