Stock Footage

You will see 57 of our most popular on-set playback clips.

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please contact Playback Technologies at 818 556-5030.

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All clips are QuickTime movies in full HD at 1920x1080x29.97 in ProRes LT or H.264 codec.
Clips are professionally color graded and ready for on-set playback or screen replacement use in post production.

  • Basketball ‘Sports Talk’
    Basketball ‘Sports Talk’
  • Football ‘Sports Talk’
    Football ‘Sports Talk’
  • Horse Track Results
    Horse Track Results
  • MMA Highlights
    MMA Highlights
  • KJ Projects
    KJ Projects
  • Kamara Downtown
    Kamara Downtown
  • Mary Courthouse
    Mary Courthouse
  • George Recovery
    George Recovery
  • Grace White House
    Grace White House
  • Senator Dara
    Senator Dara
  • Senator Ralph
    Senator Ralph
  • Senator Odell
    Senator Odell
  • Local News
    Local News
  • Nightly News 01
    Nightly News 01
  • Nightly News 02
    Nightly News 02
  • Financial “Airlines”
    Financial “Airlines”
  • Financial “Wall Street”
    Financial “Wall Street”
  • Nat Geo Victorio Peak 01
    Nat Geo Victorio Peak 01
  • Pete & Poncho
    Pete & Poncho
  • ‘Extraordinary Boy’
    ‘Extraordinary Boy’