Stock Footage

You will see 57 of our most popular on-set playback clips.

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All clips are QuickTime movies in full HD at 1920x1080x29.97 in ProRes LT or H.264 codec.
Clips are professionally color graded and ready for on-set playback or screen replacement use in post production.

  • New Fires Burning Day
    New Fires Burning Day
  • Night Hit & Run
    Night Hit & Run
  • Traffic Map
    Traffic Map
  • MTA Rate Hike
    MTA Rate Hike
  • Financial “Oil & Gas”
    Financial “Oil & Gas”
  • Sink Hole
    Sink Hole
  • Tracy Fallen Hero
    Tracy Fallen Hero
  • Tonight’s Weather
    Tonight’s Weather
  • Angels Flight
    Angels Flight
  • Homeless Man Struck
    Homeless Man Struck
  • Sports Book Greenhill Park
    Sports Book Greenhill Park
  • Sports Book Corona Downs
    Sports Book Corona Downs
  • Weather More Rain
    Weather More Rain
  • Los Angeles Weather 01
    Los Angeles Weather 01
  • Weather Snow Day
    Weather Snow Day
  • Grace Night Reporter
    Grace Night Reporter
  • Financial “Commerce”
    Financial “Commerce”
  • ‘Tok & Jok’
    ‘Tok & Jok’
  • Financial Network
    Financial Network