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Playback Technologies is an approved stock footage vendor for all the major networks and streaming services.

For television and feature film licensing please contact us at 818 556-5030.

Our news set backgrounds, reporters and lower thirds can be customized for your scripted needs.





Our private collection of Los Angeles stock footage is available for viewing at

Stunning 4K resolution day & night aerial and ground based footage with a downtown influence.

All TV playback clips delivered as QuickTime movies at 1920x1080x29.97(p) in your choice of ProRes or h.264 codecs.

  • Kamara Border Security
    Kamara Border Security
  • Sports Book Greenhill Park
    Sports Book Greenhill Park
  • MMA Highlights
    MMA Highlights
  • Sports Book Corona Downs
    Sports Book Corona Downs
  • Weather More Rain
    Weather More Rain
  • Los Angeles Weather 01
    Los Angeles Weather 01
  • Financial “Commerce”
    Financial “Commerce”
  • ‘Tok & Jok’
    ‘Tok & Jok’
  • Financial Network
    Financial Network