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Playback Technologies is a stock footage vendor to all of the major television networks

Our private collection of Los Angeles stock footage is available for viewing at

For broadcast television licensing please call us at 818 556-5030





All clips are QuickTime movies in full HD at 1920x1080x29.97 in ProRes LT or H.264 codec.
Clips are professionally color graded and ready for on-set playback or screen replacement use in post production.

  • 2019 Aerial & Stock Sizzle Reel
    2019 Aerial & Stock Sizzle Reel
  • Basketball ‘Sports Talk’
    Basketball ‘Sports Talk’
  • Football ‘Sports Talk’
    Football ‘Sports Talk’
  • Horse Track Results
    Horse Track Results
  • FPS Video Game
    FPS Video Game
  • KJ Police Commission
    KJ Police Commission
  • Mary Courthouse
    Mary Courthouse
  • George Recovery
    George Recovery
  • Grace White House
    Grace White House
  • Kamara Downtown
    Kamara Downtown
  • Senator Dara
    Senator Dara
  • Senator Ralph
    Senator Ralph
  • KJ Projects
    KJ Projects
  • Senator Odell
    Senator Odell
  • KJ South Lawn 01
    KJ South Lawn 01
  • Local News
    Local News
  • Nightly News 01
    Nightly News 01
  • Nightly News 02
    Nightly News 02
  • Financial “Airlines”
    Financial “Airlines”
  • Financial “Wall Street”
    Financial “Wall Street”