On-Set Video and Computer Playback

Video Screen Content

Full HD computer and video playback services provide the best experience for directors, actors, editors and today’s very tight post production schedules.

  • Script specific content creation
  • Quick turnarounds for news & surveillance
  • Script breakdowns and budgeting
  • 25+ years episodic TV experience
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Computer Screen Content

From desktops, laptops, tablets to smartphones, bullpens, hospitals, control rooms, or a single lone computer hacker screen graphics design to your needs.

  • Script specific content creation
  • Actor driven sequences when required
  • Library of stock background screens
  • Creators of the ISD monitor
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Stock Footage

Specializing in National, local, financial, weather, and broadcast re-creations with model cleared talent. One to three minute clip lengths designed to loop seamlessly.

  • Clips loop seamlessly on set
  • News, Financial, Reality TV, Home Shopping
  • Professionally color graded sequences
  • Full 1920×1080 HD resolution
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