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“There’s Always Something On TV”

The most realistic local and national news, financial and weather segments produced exclusively for on set playback use. Long clip lengths have multiple cuts allowing seamless looping playback. All clips are MOS and model cleared. TV playback clips are delivered as Quicktime .mov files in the h264 codec.

Playback Technologies is an approved stock footage vendor for all the major networks and streaming services.

For television and feature film licensing please contact us at 818 556-5030 or email






  • Shinobu South Lawn 01
    Shinobu South Lawn 01
  • Mary Helen Security Advisor
    Mary Helen Security Advisor
  • BBQ Cook Off
    BBQ Cook Off
  • Tonight’s Weather
    Tonight’s Weather
  • Hot Rod Ignition
    Hot Rod Ignition
  • CNBC Oil Production
    CNBC Oil Production
  • Financial Intermodal
    Financial Intermodal
  • Financial Public Transportation
    Financial Public Transportation
  • James U.S. Automakers
    James U.S. Automakers
  • James Scaffold Collapse
    James Scaffold Collapse
  • James Naval Academy
    James Naval Academy
  • Sky News 01
    Sky News 01
  • Tracy Dock Workers
    Tracy Dock Workers
  • Angels Flight
    Angels Flight
  • Homeless Man Struck
    Homeless Man Struck
  • Kamara Border Security
    Kamara Border Security
  • Sports Book Greenhill Park
    Sports Book Greenhill Park
  • MMA Highlights
    MMA Highlights
  • Sports Book Corona Downs
    Sports Book Corona Downs
  • Weather More Rain
    Weather More Rain